Sales and service

Sale: building a relationship with the customer.

Our sales process is oriented to customer expectations and to ensure their satisfaction. Competence and specialisation are two factors, characterising our sales network, professionals who work with the customer to implement an optimal product.

All the assistance for quality, which continues over time.

After-sales service is a key service to respond to the customer's needs in the course of time.
Our specialised technicians are able to provide comprehensive consulting and a dedicated professional service.

Specialised professionals and advanced assistance technologies allow to respond to customer requests especially after the sale, resolving any issues and collecting information useful to extend in time the quality of the product itself.

After-sales service
A professional and dedicated after-sales assistance service.

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the sale. In fact, with a dedicated after-sales assistance service, we are able to provide complete and specialised consultancy in Italy and abroad, to meet any technical and professional requirements.