29 / 11 / 2023
OMB Technology solutions delivered in Australia

Our OMB Technology urban waste collection and compaction solutions are going to conquer Australia!

The first batch of OMB Technology's T-Rex rammers was set up directly in Australia by our partner WASTECORP on a HINO 916 Hybrid electric chassis.

An excellent team effort.

29 / 11 / 2023
Busigroup supports Pallacanestro Brescia also for the 2023/2024 season

Busigroup is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Pallacanestro Brescia for the third consecutive year.
Also for the new season, we strengthen our closeness to the biancoblu project, after the first two seasons lived with great enthusiasm and full of excitement.

Busi Group not only confirms its commitment but actually strengthens it by becoming the club's Gold Sponsor for the 2023/24 season, and our corporate brand will appear on the over-shirts used by all players during warm-up games in the A Series.

"The 2022/2023 season was very important for Pallacanestro Brescia and achieved amazing results. For the 2023/2024 season we wanted to commit even more to the team because we believe in the path taken, which reflects our values: tenacity, consistency, respect and innovation, a mix that we also find in Team Germani".

30 / 10 / 2023

In Hall A5, Stand 201/202, the Busi Group shows its cross-sector competence for urban hygiene and waste collection, such as the first roll-off equipment set up on the new Volvo FH 6x2 electric heavy wagon, or the BSA 6 sweeper - for the first time exhibited to the general public.

The group's authorised service network meets at the trade fair for the second update and planning meeting.

30 October 2023 - Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for urban hygiene, waste collection, compaction and transport - is taking part in the Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini where, from 7 to 10 November 2023, it will present the best proposals for waste management and street sweeping.

"The 2023 edition of the Ecomondo trade fair is fundamental because it marks a great maturity for our group: on the strength of a 2022 growth of almost 30% we have a new impetus for the future, with new technologies, entry into new markets and important new partnerships. In addition to our loyal customers, we also wanted to meet all our Italian and international Authorised Service Centres in Rimini for the second official meeting, because we strongly believe in the quality and professionalism of our after-sales service," commented Fratelli Busi.

The success of the 2022 edition consecrated the competence of the Busi group in electric/green power solutions, and this year the group is relaunching and confirming the great versatility and quality of its technology and of its Authorised Service Network, which will meet at the Ecomondo Exhibition Centre to exchange best practices and discover a preview of new products, training and catalogue.

At Hall A5 - Stand 201/202 it is possible, for example, to touch the MEC branded novelties such as the SLK 267 hooklift set up on a Volvo FH 6X2 Electric 100% electric heavy wagon (for Italy this is the first Volvo 44t heavy wagon with a sleeper cab set up with a hooklift system), and the new CL.135 Loader Crane .97.1Z2 featuring improvements such as weight reduction and increased slewing angles and load capacities, and the RGB2A two-axle trailer with single tyre on each side.

Great novelty in 2023, for the first time on display to the general public, is certainly the BSA sweeper, the start-up in the street sweeping sector partner of the Busi Group, with BS6 equipment on an Iveco chassis.

OMB Technology's brand new products will also be on show, all with all-electric traction: a Legend L 15 Rear Loading Compactor fitted on a Volvo FE LEC 6x2 Electric with fast Bin Lifter system, a Fuso electric 4.15t refuse collection vehicle fitted with a T-REX 5 compaction system, and a Viper 5 Tanker from our customer Sangalli, fitted on a 4.25t electric IVECO e-Daily, in service in Rome.

In the outdoor test area (west entrance) in the Busigroup space, it is possible to see and test an OMB side-loading waste collection and compaction system (CMPL8) with +B LID bins. At Renault's outdoor test area (also West Entrance) it is possible to drive an electric D-Wide with a MEC roll-off compactor and equipped with a BTE single blade roll-off compactor.

At Volvo's internal stand (HALL A5/C5) there is a Legend L 20 rear loading and compacting waste system fitted on a VOLVO FE LEC 6x2 Electric and supplied to Dolomiti Ambiente.

31 / 08 / 2023

The growth trend does not stop: in 2022 the Brescian group grew by € 35 million. Profits are growing and foreign sales account for a quarter of turnover.
New investments in plants and technologies and a strong focus on HR are planned for 2023


The results of the consolidated financial statements of the Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - show an increasingly prosperous and solid group: the value of production for 2022 exceeded 176 million €, revenues from sales and services 165 million, with an increase of 28% compared to 2021.

The balance sheet of the group, made up of the 4 companies (the holding company Busi Group, BTE, MEC and OMB Technology), is therefore in the sign of solidity with all values showing a strong improvement, such as EBITDA at 13.7%, which rose from 14 million to 22 million €, also thanks to the corporate strategy that aims to consolidate and re-invest in production activities to keep the group at the forefront and competitive on national and international markets. In fact, the share deriving from foreign activities represents 24% of the total.
"This exploit is not linked to temporary conditions but is due to the important increase in sales volumes and is part of a growth trend that has been constant in recent years. We can also be confident for 2023, as the first half of the year closed with an 8% increase over the same period of the previous year. The goal is to improve further: to sustain growth, we have planned numerous investments in machinery, R&D and facilities, and we have decided to enter a new strategic market such as street sweeping," said Fratelli Busi.

Busigroup entered the road sweeping sector in 2023 with the acquisition of shares in the start-up BSA Sweeping Equipment S.r.l, a company founded by professionals with strong expertise in the urban hygiene sector. The forecast is to reach a total turnover of €30 million in five years, becoming a key player in the national market and gradually entering international markets with this product as well.
In 2023, the machinery already purchased will also be activated to improve the production line, making it more automated, thanks to the introduction of robotic welding systems, laser cutting machines, and the complete re-thinking of some production processes. These efforts, characterised by substantial economic investments worth more than €5 million, have made it possible to re-set some production processes to increase productivity and support sales growth, but they do not end here: in the two-year period 2023/2024, further investments are planned in production machinery, in research and development and in new buildings and factories, for a total value of more than €10 million.

The Busi Group is also very attentive to energy saving and green issues, which is why in recent years it has been renovating its buildings to make them more sustainable and less energy-intensive; an enlightened approach that has kept the group sheltered from fluctuations in energy costs in recent months and will continue in 2023: further photovoltaic plants will be installed on the factories in Paitone, Pontevico and Rezzato for a total capacity of 1 Megawatt produced from solar energy, with an investment of around €1 million and adding to the Megawatt already produced by the solar plants in operation.
Last but not least, there is the chapter dedicated to Human Resources: in 2022, the group increased its workforce to support the increase in production, with strong growth in the Production Departments, the Technical Department, the Production Engineering Department and also the Personnel Department, which was structured to improve global HR management and meet new challenges. In 2022, annual processes such as Performance Appraisal, Salary Review or Development and Succession Plans were introduced. For 2023, work is being done to have several accommodations for employees, a plus that has almost become a necessity given the high rents and the difficulty all companies are experiencing in finding qualified labour.

01 / 07 / 2023

Italy's leading company in waste collection solutions enters the street sweeper market through a partnership with BSA, a new company with strong expertise in this segment


Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - enters the road sweeping sector with the acquisition of shares in the newco BSA Sweeping Equipment S.r.l, a newly established company founded by professionals with strong expertise in the urban hygiene sector.

The objective is to reach a total turnover of €30 million in the five-year period, becoming a key player in the national market and, progressively from 2024, to enter international markets thanks to the production of reliable and durable vehicles, highly customised to customers' needs.

The growth targets are ambitious but possible: the Brescia-based Busigroup is already a leader in the urban waste collection and compaction sector thanks to the OMB Technology brand, which since 1961 has specialised in the production and fitting out of solutions and vehicles for street collection (waste collection vehicles with lateral, rear and door-to-door loading systems with satellite vehicles and stationary bins of various types) supplied to the main companies involved in waste collection in Italy and around the world, such as A2a, Hera, Iren, AMA and many others. The newco BSA Sweeping Equipment, on the other hand, can count on the expertise of the founding partners, who boast decades of experience in the street sweeping sector with a past in leading companies in the market.

The range of BSA Sweeping Equipment solutions starts with a series of truck-mounted sweeping machine variants from 6m3 to 8m3 and will gradually be expanded with tailor-made products tailored to specific customer requirements.

BSA's order intake is already promising, having reached €4 million in just a few months, with clear and positive repercussions on employment levels (in the first year BSA will employ 15 people). The partnership with the Busi Group will allow it to act as a leader on the domestic market thanks to a capillary coverage of the territory, both in terms of customer coverage and the ability to service the fleet of vehicles, taking advantage of the Busi Group's numerous service centres.

"Entering the street sweeping segment with BSA represents a natural completion of our urban hygiene offer and we are confident that they will be high quality products as ours are," comment the Busi brothers. "The market for street sweepers is competitive, but thanks to our strong experience and the strength of the Busi group, we are confident that we will be able to achieve excellent results already in the short term," concluded Roberto Meneghinello, President of BSA Sweeping Equipment.

The agreement between the two companies was promoted by the development holding Strategenia S.r.l., which specialises in identifying growth opportunities and investments in the real economy.


08 / 05 / 2023
OMB Technology joins Asimpre

It is with great pleasure that we announce the membership of OMB Technology to the Associazione Imprese Rezzatesi.

Asimpre was founded in 1997 and is open to all entities, from freelancers to internationalised companies, who have an interest in the Rezzato (BS) area.

In over 25 years of activity, the association has proposed itself as an active player in the economic and social community of Rezzato, with various initiatives aimed at creating synergies between businesses and associations in the area. Particular attention is paid to young people, enhancing their growth and training and facilitating their approach to the world of work.

The main OMB Technology plant is located in the Rezzato area and the Busi group shares with Asimpre the attention to the territories in which it operates and the investment in the younger generations.
This is why we are proud to be among the partner companies.

08 / 05 / 2023
MEC support Atletica Mondovì

Busigroup believes in sport and in young people, and this is why we are honoured to be among the sponsors of athletics association A.S.D. Atletica Mondovì with our MEC brand, which has its headquarters in Mondovì, in the province of Cuneo.

Atletica Mondovì is an important reality for the area and we want to support it alongside with all its athletes!

11 / 04 / 2023
Busigroup among the 1,000 Champions 2023

Busigroup has been included among the 1,000 Champions 2023 companies for the excellent results achieved in the period 2015-2021.

The research was conducted by the ItalyPost Research Centre in collaboration with Corriere della Sera.

10 / 03 / 2023
New MY22 roll-off compactor by Busigroup

Roll-off roll-off compactors are the perfect solution for compacting and transporting different types of waste. In this wide and varied sector, the Brescia-based Busigroup is certainly the leading company thanks to its BTE brand, which has specialised in the production of containers and roll-off compactors and stationary balers for over 30 years.

The Busi group's offer includes single-bladed roll-off compactors, undoubtedly the most popular product on the market, as well as box and screw compactors. BTE compactors can be powered with electric energy, with a diesel engine or in an ecological manner by means of photovoltaic panels and storage batteries, which allow them to be positioned anywhere.

Since a few months, the MY22 versions have been available, which are produced using a new industrial process and state-of-the-art machinery.

The production department of the compactors has been completely redesigned to simplify operations, maximise efficiency, increase daily production capacity and, at the same time, minimise personnel safety risks.

"We are extremely satisfied with this MY22 version because thanks to improved technologies and innovative production processes we are able to offer a top-of-the-range product for our customers with faster delivery times," said the Busi brothers.

20 / 02 / 2023

In 2022, the Brescia-based group leader in waste management solutions provided €400 net welfare benefits to all employees, built new offices, a new canteen, training room and changing rooms. In 2023, the renewal of its Human Resources strategies for the continuous improvement of employee conditions and skills continues


Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport - announces the start of a real "revolution" in its Human Resources strategy aimed at improving internal organisation and producing benefits for all employees.
Over the last few years, the Busi group has grown rapidly and now employs over 500 people (including collaborators and employees working in the Paitone, Rezzato, Pontevico, Brescia, Mondovì and Orbassano sites) and at the same time has invested in new technology for the production lines and in new management systems.
"Professional growth, skills development and respect for the company's values are fundamental dimensions for the company and require systematic and continuous work over time to enable all employees to perform well and enjoy their work experience to the fullest. In the course of 2023, the company will implement four new HR processes on an annual basis, taking a snapshot of the starting point for structuring support actions for the continuous improvement of our employees' conditions and skills,' said Salvatore Vancheri, HR & Organisation Director of Busi Group.
The HR strategy review process is being developed over a multi-year plan and started, through an internal survey, by listening to the company's needs, highlighting the need for greater organisational clarity and rationalisation of workflows, the need to strengthen the company culture and identity, and for more structured training courses, so that all employees can acquire the knowledge and tools to cope with endogenous and exogenous changes.
Also this year, the first corporate climate survey will be carried out in a structured manner, which is important to understand the state of integration of the workforce of the three companies of the Busi group (BTE, MEC and OMB Technology) and to hear directly from our employees about any areas for improvement, to the benefit of employee well-being and productivity.

Attention to employee welfare is nothing new for the Busi group: during 2022, in support of the cost of living, the group paid out €400 to each employee in the form of a bonus and, among the various actions taken, it inaugurated the new building in the Paitone headquarters with a new training room, a canteen service accessible to employees at a symbolic price, and new and more practical changing rooms. A new building is also being constructed at OMB Technology in Rezzato to rationalise and improve the working environment for employees, with bright, spacious and comfortable rooms.
"We are a solid group and our employees actively contribute to the success of the company, which is why we are always trying to improve working conditions, starting with the machinery and working environments, including changing rooms and canteen, without forgetting company benefits and bonuses. We are convinced that this new HR strategy will help us to further improve the company climate and the well-being of our employees,' the Busi brothers conclude.

15 / 12 / 2022

At Ecomondo 2022 Busi Group gathered its authorised Service Centres and presented the Busigroup Service plan,

the innovative approach to service unique in the waste management sector


During Ecomondo 2022, Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport - presented to its partners and authorised service centres the Busigroup Service plan, the innovative automotive-style approach to assistance that is unique in the waste management sector.
The existence of an official and widespread service network has always been a fundamental element in guiding purchasing decisions, but now it is becoming even more so, as technology has become an integral part of waste collection, compaction and transport solutions and the market is evolving, with the entry of new players, new forms of sales and rental, and requires a structured approach to everything related to after-sales service management, ranging from scheduled maintenance to spare parts and assistance.
With the Busigroup Service project, a network of official partners has been identified who can guarantee uniform operating standards and the use of original spare parts, and who receive constant product training in order to operate competently on increasingly complex solutions.
Busigroup Service includes 5 direct Service Centres located close to the group companies' operational headquarters, 60 Authorised Service Centres in Italy and more than 70 abroad, providing our customers with capillary, quality support in all the national markets in which we are present.

The project also includes the offer of planned and preventive maintenance campaigns for our customers and the guarantee that only original spare parts will be used at Busigroup Service points, which our partners can access at truly competitive prices.

The implementation of these PMPP programmes and the use of original spare parts will make it possible to better monitor the parts most subject to wear and tear and take preventive action to avoid equipment malfunctions, just as is done with vehicle servicing.
"Busigroup Service is an innovative, automotive-derived approach that we first implemented in the waste management sector. The project is ambitious, but we are confident that it is what the market is asking for, and our customers demand the same level of quality they find with us from our partners. Busigroup Service responds precisely to these demands and this network of reliable partners is constantly expanding,' concludes Alessandro Bucca Group Sales, Marketing and After Sales Director of Busi Group.

15 / 11 / 2022


At Ecomondo 2022, Busi Group presented its offer

of electric solutions developed with Mercedes, Volvo, Renault, Irizar and OHM


Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - from the stage of Ecomondo 2022 presented its complete offer of electrical products under the BTE, MEC and OMB brands.
The Busi Group has been among the pioneers of electric and environmentally sustainable solutions since 2018, when OMB Technology supplied the first side-loading collection and compaction system installed on an Irizar electric chassis.
Busi's design of electric-powered chassis solutions takes into account the importance of saving energy while not compromising on the quality and efficiency that are a characteristic of the group's solutions, as well as a focus on noise reduction involving not only the chassis but also the movements of the equipment. The other major advantage of electric solutions is the absence of engine vibration, which greatly improves the comfort of both driving and ground-based operators.
The thousands of working hours of the electric vehicles fitted out and the excellent results in terms of autonomy and performance have allowed Busi to receive requests for numerous electric vehicles and to develop important know-how with manufacturers such as Volvo, Renault, Mercedes and Irizar fitted with OMB Technology collection and compaction systems for urban waste and MEC roll-off equipment for the transport of industrial waste and raw materials.
On display at the Busi stand at Ecomondo 2022 was a Mercedes eEconic equipped with OMB's Legend E rear system and an eActros equipped with MEC model SLK 266 roll-off equipment.
In the outdoor test area there was the opportunity to test two Busi solutions on the road: the Volvo FE Electric equipped with OMB's Legend E system and the Renault D Wide ZE equipped with MEC's SLK 266 roll-off equipment.
Not only large vehicles but also small satellite vehicles for waste collection, for example OMB Technology's T-Rex collection and compaction system fitted on the OHM electric chassis: this type of vehicle is designed to reach all parts of the city including historic centres and narrow streets, so the electric version represents a very attractive investment for municipalities.

"We embraced environmentally sustainable technologies, including electric technology, early on because we believe in the green turn. Our electric solutions with no emissions, no vibrations and minimal noise improve the lives of those who work on our equipment, such as the ecological operators and all citizens. Our group also manages the production stages, so we can intervene in all steps of the supply chain: we have redesigned our collection and compaction systems for electric chassis, so as to achieve maximum energy savings and maintain a long battery life, without reducing the performance and compaction quality typical of our solutions, and we have taken the time to produce, test and perfect them," said Fratelli Busi.

Busi Group's complete range of electric-powered solutions includes BTE single-bladed compactors (also with photovoltaic system), MEC dump trucks for transporting waste and materials, OMB rear-loading (LEGEND) and side-loading (CMPL) waste collection vehicles, and OMB simple (Viper) or compaction system (T-REX) trays.


30 / 09 / 2022

At Ecomondo 2022 Busi Group is betting on its electric solutions, which already boast thousands of hours of use on our roads.
Discover them in Hall A5, Stand 012.

Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - is attending Ecomondo 2022 with its range of electrical solutions for waste management. At the Busi stand (stand 012 hall A5) you will not find anticipations of what could be, but a concrete offer: the Busi Group chooses to participate in Italy's most important circular economy fair with reliable and tested solutions, electrically powered products that are compatible with various manufacturers and that are already at work on Italian and European roads with thousands of hours of use.

"We have immediately embraced environmentally sustainable technologies such as electric vehicles, because we believe in the green revolution. Our group also manages the production process, so we can operate at all stages of the supply chain: we have redesigned our collection and compaction systems for electric chassis, so as to achieve maximum energy savings and maintain a long battery life, without reducing the performance and compaction quality typical of our solutions, and we have taken the time to produce, test and improve them" said Fratelli Busi.
The other great feature of the Busi solutions is that they are compatible with various chassis manufacturers, having already been successfully installed on Volvo, Renault, Mercedes, Irizar and OHM.
The Busi Group's range of electrically powered solutions includes BTE single-bladed compactors (also with photovoltaic system), MEC dump trucks for waste and material transport, OMB rear-loading (LEGEND) and side-loading (CMPL) refuse collection vehicles, and OMB simple (Viper) or compaction system (T-REX) trays.

02 / 08 / 2022
G.ECO chooses Viper system for the waste collection

G.Eco, the group that manages waste collection and urban hygiene in various municipalities in the Italian province of Bergamo, has received its first OMB's Viper vehicles - the perfect system to carry out door-to-door collection.

27 / 07 / 2022
Delivery of Renault vehicles equipped with roll-off tanks to Uganda

Delivery of a supply of 30 Renault vehicles equipped with the MEC roll-off system and roll-off tanks.

The client is Enviroserv, a major South African company operating in the waste collection sector.

In particular, these vehicles will work at a natural gas extraction site in Uganda and will collect and transport extraction sludge to be processed.

12 / 07 / 2022

The company in charge of waste management in the eastern lower Brescia area is testing a 100% electric Volvo truck equipped with the Busi Group system for waste collection

Busi Group - a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport - and C.B.B.O. are working together to make waste collection ever quieter and more environmentally friendly.

In the last few days C.B.B.O. has been testing, on the roads of the territories it manages, the rear compaction system model Legend from OMB Technology equipped on a Volvo FE truck with 100% electric power supply, a solution that responds perfectly to the growing interest of municipalities in the use of increasingly eco-friendly vehicles and that makes the Consortium Bassa Bresciana Orientale a pioneer in our territory in the use of this technology.

The Legend model is a versatile system that can be used both as a transfer station and as an active collection vehicle, and the different configurations available make it possible to collect bins of different sizes and to easily receive the waste collected by satellite vehicles.

15 / 06 / 2022
All companies of the Busi group have obtained the legality rating

All the companies of the Busi Group (Busi Group Srl, BTE Spa, MEC Spa, OMB Technology Spa) have exceeded the parameters required by the Italian Antitrust Authority AGCM and have been attributed the legality rating.

The legality rating is a system introduced by the AGCM in 2012 for Italian companies, aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behaviour in the corporate sphere, through the assignment of an "award" indicative of respect for legality and, more generally, of the degree of attention paid to the proper management of one's business.

19 / 04 / 2022
At IFAT 2022 Busi Group presents the new OMB Technology, BTE and MEC solutions for the collection and compaction of waste.

Smart and ecological systems

for the collection, compaction and transport of waste


Busi Group - the Italian leader in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - presents at IFAT Munich 2022 ultimate electrically-powered solutions and innovations by OMB Technology, BTE and MEC.

IFAT Munich is Europe's most eagerly awaited event for environmental technologies, the largest platform for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management that brings together the specialist industry from all over the world and where it’s possible to discover the technologies of the future for the entire sector.

Busi Group will be welcoming customers and all interested parties to stand FGL.811/13 (outside pavilion) with the latest compactor vehicles for waste collection with side and rear loading systems and the latest electrically-powered trucks with unloading equipment for waste and raw materials transport.

Busi Group's innovations do not only focus on the fuelling of vehicles (and consequently also the powering of compactor systems): smart technologies have also made their way into the waste collection and transport sector; these include sensors, video cameras and technologies such as +B Connect - the system for remote monitoring of key parameters - that allows remote tracking of the product and analysis of usage in order to plan workflows and save time, money and energy

"IFAT Munich is an important event because it allows us to meet all our main European customers, a network that has grown considerably in recent years despite the period of crisis. After four years of absence, and with a very uncertain economic climate, we have decided to bet on our solutions which are ready for the future and allow operators to work better," said the Busi family.

05 / 04 / 2022
Ecoambiente chooses Busi Group as supplier for waste collection vehicles in Rovigo

Busi Group - realtà italiana leader nelle soluzioni complete per la raccolta, compattazione e trasporto dei rifiuti – ha consegnato una cospicua fornitura di veicoli T-REX per la raccolta rifiuti a Ecoambiente di Rovigo, il gestore del ciclo integrato dei rifiuti del polesine, che si occupa di tutti i servizi di igiene ambientale, dalla raccolta stradale differenziata alla raccolta domiciliare porta a porta integrale, dallo spazzamento manuale e meccanizzato al lavaggio stradale.

In concomitanza con l’estensione del sistema di raccolta porta a porta nel territorio di Rovigo, Ecoambiente ha indetto una gara per rinnovare il parco mezzi e per la fornitura di veicoli per la raccolta rifiuti di ridotte dimensioni, per poter facilmente raggiungere tutti i punti di raccolta.

Busi Group ha partecipato alla gara e si è distinta per l’aspetto tecnico delle soluzioni proposte, assicurandosi così la fornitura di 80 veicoli allestiti con il sistema di compattazione T-Rex di OMB Technology, composti da vasca con costipatore da 7 mc e volta-contenitori.

Le vasche ribaltabili con costipatore pala-carrello sono realizzate in Domex per una maggior resistenza e durabilità e sono ideali per il sistema di raccolta rifiuti porta a porta. L’allestimento T-Rex per Ecoambiente comprende l’ultima tecnologia disponibile, tra cui un display di bordo a colori e sistema “+B Connect” per la geolocalizzazione e la comunicazione con il veicolo da remoto e lettore dei tag dei cassonetti con trasmissione telematica dei dati. La presenza delle telecamere aumenta la sicurezza durante le manovre.

I telai hanno la guida a destra per semplificare il lavoro dell’operatore ecologico e sono di due tipologie, divisi tra veicoli Isuzu con motorizzazione diesel (Euro6) e nuovi veicoli ecologici Iveco Daily CNG.

La scelta dell’alimentazione a CNG (gas naturale compresso) o dei telai elettrici è perfetta per le aziende che, come Ecoambiente, vogliono orientarsi verso un trasporto realmente sostenibile - in particolare per i centri storici - e che vogliono sfruttare i vantaggi dell’alimentazione ecologica senza sacrificare le performance di compattazione assicurate dalle soluzioni di OMB Technology.

04 / 04 / 2022
Busi Group: one and a half million euros to expand the Paitone headquarters, benefiting employees and the environment

850 m2 for the new canteen, new changing rooms and a training room, without consuming land


Busi Group - the Italian leader in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste - has invested € 1,500,000 to expand the spaces and increase services for employees at its Paitone headquarters.
The group acquired and renovated a building for the creation of the new canteen and the new changing rooms for workers, a room dedicated to training courses and the new caretaker's flat: an additional 850 m2 obtained without consuming land but by redeveloping an abandoned building in Via delle Brede 1, with particular attention to energy efficiency thanks to insulation, the use of heat pumps and the integration of the new building with the network of the 500KW photovoltaic system, already active at the Busi Group.
The new company canteen, also designed with environmental sustainability in mind, is "plastic-free" and has a fully equipped kitchen that will serve around 150 meals a day in collaboration with Zanardelli Catering, an important Brescia catering company. The investment and the characteristics of the canteen are part of a broader sustainability project, which also aims to reduce the use of private transport for the home/work lunch break, thanks to the economic advantage of the meal in the canteen, the welcoming environment and the quality of the food.
"We are proud to inaugurate the new building at Busi Group's headquarters, an important investment that further demonstrates our company's bond with the municipality of Paitone and our attention to our employees and the environment. In recent years we have had a steady increase in the number of employees, despite the difficult and uncertain period, and it was necessary to expand and rethink some spaces. Many employees come from the local area and neighbouring municipalities, but as we have grown, so have employees from other areas. The new canteen will allow everyone to eat lunch in a safe, economical and sustainable way," said Fratelli Busi.

15 / 03 / 2022
Delivery of Legend system for waste collection on a Volvo full electric chassis

Our ecological solutions go to Switzerland!
we delivered an electric vehicle for the wate collection to the customer Transvoirie, part of the Helvetia Environnement group, the main private player in the waste sector in Switzerland.
The customer requested an OMB Technology Legend E equipment on an electric-powered Volvo chassis.

Volvo FE achieves great performance in city centres: its power autonomy in the waste cycle is about 120 km and charging time is only 2 hours with the fast charging option (11 hours with standard charging).

The supply of this ecological and completely sustainable vehicle was finalised through Galati Centre Poids Lourds SA, Volvo Trucks & Bus dealer in Geneva, which is a local partner of our Group.

15 / 03 / 2022
Busi Group and Germani Trasporti, a solid partnership

On 15 March we delivered 3 new Mercedes vehicles equipped with MEC hooklift equipment to our long-standing customer Germani Trasporti.

Busi and Germani have been working together for over 15 years and represent two important players in the province of Brescia.

Germani is the main sponsor of Pallacanestro Brescia (Serie A) and from this season (2021/2022) we have also become one of the team's proud sponsors: to celebrate this delivery with Germani, we received a visit from three of the team's players: David Moss, John Petrucelli and Salvatore Parrillo.


30 / 11 / 2021
Busi Group chooses Volvo Trucks for its first full electric vehicle

Busi Group, the Italian leader in complete solutions for the collection, compaction and transport of waste, has added a Volvo FE Electric equipped with an electrically powered compactor to its range.

This is the Group's first 100% ecological rear-loaded compactor, a choice that responds to the growing interest of municipalities in increasingly eco-sustainable vehicles for use in both public transport and urban hygiene. In particular, the waste collection service provides for programmable short/medium-distance routes, with daily storage of the vehicles: all elements that facilitate the transition to electromobility.

05 / 10 / 2021

In 2020, the Brescia-based group consolidated its position in order to get ready for new investments and the challenges of 2021/2022

Busi Group, the Italian leader in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport, has disclosed the results of the consolidated financial statements for 2020 of the four companies that compose the group: BUSI GROUP (holding company), BTE, OMB Technology and MEC.

The figures show that revenues from sales are close to 90 million euros, substantially confirming the value of 2019 and with an increase in production of around one million euros compared to the previous year. Of particular note is the significant leap forward in shareholders' equity, which stands at around €46 million with an increase of more than €20 million compared to the previous year.

Net profit, ebitda and cash flow are in line with the values of previous years. These figures, together with the steady growth in the number of employees, show that the Brescia-based group specialising in waste collection and transport solutions has been able, during a difficult period like this, not only to maintain its pre-covid levels but also to strengthen itself.

"Despite 2020 being marked by pandemic and lockdown, the Busi Group has managed to maintain a good level of sales and, above all, to activate some important consolidation actions that have allowed us to start 2021 confidently and serenely.
The 2021 order intake is going very well and the expectations for the end of the year are of clear growth compared to 2020. The actions taken during 2020 and this new momentum in 2021 have allowed us to invest with more confidence in our production centres and in human resources, with the hiring of new professionals and the acquisition of strategic assets," said the Busi brothers.


25 / 05 / 2021

OMB LATAM aims to consolidate the presence of OMB and Busi Group in waste management and logistics in Latin America. 


Busi Group, a leading Italian company in complete solutions for waste collection, compaction and transport, strengthens its international presence with the new OMB LATAM, with the aim of further consolidating OMB Technology's business throughout the Latin American continent.

After reporting an increase in turnover that exceeded one hundred million euros in 2020, Busi Group aims to grow further in 2021, starting with the consolidation of activities in Central and South America thanks to the creation of the joint venture, which restructures and strengthens the partnership with IN-NOVA Group, which has been active since 1997 in the waste collection sector and which introduced the OMB side loading and dumpster system.


OMB is a historic Italian brand, known and appreciated also at international level and for more than 20 years operating in Latin America. "OMB has a good brand awareness in Latin America thanks to the projects developed over the years in various countries, including Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. The creation of OMB LATAM therefore represents an important step for the entire Busi Group, we know that our integrated technologies are versatile and cutting-edge and there is demand for these solutions in many countries, which are starting to invest in waste management and the circular economy" said the Busi family.


From Chile, a country which over the years has activated various free trade agreements with the whole South American area, OMB LATAM aims to consolidate the business of OMB solutions for waste collection but also to expand the other integrated solutions of Busi Group, which include compactors and loaders for the storage, handling, transport and management of all types of waste, serving the environment, industry and municipal services.

01 / 01 / 2021
Bte expands the vehicle equipment department

Every day Busi Group is committed to improving itself in terms of production efficiency, speed in deliveries and to be closer to customer needs.

06 / 08 / 2020
OMB TECHNOLOGY has changed the company form from S.R.L. to S.P.A. from 06 August 2020.
The other data remain unchanged (registered office, operational headquarters, share capital, VAT number, tax code and registration number with the Brescia Business Register).
01 / 01 / 2019
Ampliamento OMB: operativo il nuovo capannone

A poco più di un anno dall’inizio dei lavori sono operativi i nuovi spazi produttivi OMB, 80.000 mq di qualità ed efficienza.
Busi Group continua a crescere!

10 / 06 / 2018
Plasma cutting system next generation

In order to pursue continuous improvement, #Busigroup has always relied to next-gen products. For over a year now, in the #BTE "4.0 area" based Paitone, XPR300 plasma cutting system.
XPR300 represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever. Unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, cut chart thickness up to 50 mm.

02 / 02 / 2018
Bte introduce Vimercati PHSY 600, la pressa piegatrice 4.0.

Da qualche mese in azione nell’area 4.0 di BTE in Paitone, Vimercati PHSY 600, la pressa piegatrice per lamiere fino a 7 mt che coniuga il concetto di piegatura tradizionale: solidità, affidabilità e precisione maturato in tanti anni di progettazione e produzione, con le nuove opportunità offerte dall’elettronica e dall’informatica, all'interno del contesto Industria 4.0 

10 / 01 / 2018
L’area 4.0 di BTE dà il benvenuto a FIBER PLUS 6025.

Laser di ultima generazione con piano di lavoro 6050 x 2550 mm. FIBER PLUS è dotato di sorgente laser fibra ottica. Questo  investimento permette a Busi Group di mantenere la propria affidabilità e le elevate prestazioni dei prodotti del gruppo e consente di monitorare il processo produttivo all'interno del contesto Industria 4.0. 

01 / 01 / 2018
RBG2A - Busi Group industrial trailer.

Busi Group amplifies the product range and proposes the RBG2A industrial trailer designed and built by MEC SPA.

01 / 11 / 2017
Quick, the latest version of the new range of OMB rear compactors
Fast, nimble and light in its movements: it's called Quick, the rear loader compactor (single body) designed by OMB Technology. An innovative project, both in technical and technological specifications and in design, with a user-oriented focus.
01 / 03 / 2017
Busi Group is increasin our social media presence.

The history and experience of the companies in our group are confronted with the dynamism of the web: become our follower and stay updated on all our news.

Follow the products' news on our Facebook page.

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20 / 12 / 2016
Un convegno per il 130° anniversario

 Zero rifiuti: il riciclo come risorsa.


Tratto da:

Radio Vera

03 / 11 / 2015
The restyling of the Busi Group brand image

Busi Group has entrusted the communications agency Borgo Creativo with the restyling of the brands of the group's companies. The project involved various professionals and saw a new interpretation of the BTE S.p.A., MEC S.p.A. and OMB Technology srl logos, aligning their styles. In this stage new logo for the Busi Group was created, a brand that will connote all communication activities of the group.

28 / 10 / 2015
Acquisition of brand Roagna S.r.l.

The Busi group has taken over Roagna Srl, a company with twenty years’ experience in the construction of demountable agricultural trailers. The acquisition has resulted in the creation of the Mec Agri division and sees Roagna production centralised into a single production site.

02 / 09 / 2015
The single-blade grows and gets smaller

Mini- CMPU is born, the new single-blade BTE, small, sturdy and functional, ideal where the space for positioning and movement is limited, as is often the case for small supermarkets located in city centres and urban areas. Transportable vehicles with GVW of 5 tons or greater are available in different lengths from 3500 to 4500 mm. A thrust force of up to 25 tons with reduction ratio of the refuse 3: 1.

01 / 09 / 2015
New demountable agricultural trailers

Busi Group expands its fleet products and offers a new range of demountable agricultural trailers, manufactured at the production site of Mondovi with the Mec Agri division.

15 / 04 / 2015
Busi Group in Guyana, Sud America

In April 2015, the group delivered a consignment of containers and equipment for waste collection in Guyana, South America. The initiative is part of efforts stimulated by the Government of the South American republic to absorb large volumes of waste produced every day, especially around the capital Georgetown.

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