Production process: advanced technology and dynamism.

Each product is the result of an advanced manufacturing process, a complex system, divided into several phases, carried out by highly qualified personnel. Our daily goal is to achieve optimal performance of the process and of the product.

OMB production process develops in many stages, which require specialised knowledge and an appropriate control and logistics system. From the selection of materials for production until the launch on the market of the product, the production process is dynamic and versatile, key aspects to achieve industry-leading products in a constantly changing market.

The process phases.

Management of orders and updating of the production programs
Selection and collection of the materials for production
Fitting the equipment and machinery
Realisation of the work and control phases on the products
Final preparation of the product
Preparation and assembly of vehicles
Final testing of the product
Direct support to operators
Daily check of the progress of the processes

Research and design: advanced products and solutions

Innovation and functionality are prerequisites of OMB design. The design aspect is accurate and followed by a team of professionals, oriented to maximum product performance.

A team of technicians, engineers and designers work daily in the OMB design studio.
Planning is critical to enhancing product performance: constant updating allows studying functional solutions for all customer's needs. Design, function, specialisation allow to create innovating products.