Refuse collection vehicles

Sledge and compactor equipment - T-REX


VSC – T-REX with Sledge and Compactor system is part of the Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) family, designed, manufactured and commercialized by Busi Group companies.
Refuse Collection Vehicles are ideal for door to door waste collection system in urban areas such as historical town or city centers and mountain locations.
The loading is usually made by bin lifter (AVC) and it is also possible manually (only in exceptional cases).
The manual waste collection is made easier by a side door, supplied as standard. When the door is open the system stop the Sledge and Compactor movement.
The unloading step is by tipping and it can be made directly to the point of waste handling, inside medium/large compactors or inside roll-off compactors.

Application fields

  • Municipal solid waste
  • Separate collection


  • Bottom of the tank, connected to the sides, by means of a rounded fitting so to avoid the stagnation of material and the formation of scale.
  • Connection head/bottom of tank with rounded edges to prevent stagnation of water and dirt
  • Lifting and tilting tank device (where present) with articulated system too keep the bin/container in an almost vertical position until the final overturning stage thus avoiding spills of material.
  • Comb unit (where present) sliding on chrome-finished stems with bronze bushings, provided with lubricator.
  • Shift of the compactor carriage (where present) sliding on Ertalon runners, placed inside the rail profiles wid=5mm.
  • Cylinders of the compacting shovel (where present) with braking system to avoid sudden movements during the opening of the shovel.
  • Calculated and verified structure with FEM calculations.

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