Rear Loader Compactors

Rear Loader Compactors Single Body - QUICK


The multifunctional rear loader compactor with single body is the best solution to meet several service needs: agile and effective in case of active service, it is able to receive from satellite vehicles and to unload waste into larger vehicles - three vehicles in one. Modern technology applied to a powerful and reliable structure with a high compaction ratio. OMB QUICK is the ideal vehicle to meet all organised service needs.

A solution designed with the utmost attention to service needs.
The rear load threshold is adjustable and makes manual disposal easier for operators.
The presence of infrared photocells allows automatic compaction even when the first rear flap is lowered.
The entire unit movement can be easily activated with a hydraulic or pneumatic control system.

The proportional hydraulic system ensures optimized AVC unit movement by accelerating only when needed and slowing down during picking up and repositioning of containers.
Thank to this feature, the integrity of the container is saved, extending its useful life.
The automatic pre-locking of the containers is well structured and guarantees a secure grip before the lifting phase
The control panel in the cabin allows real-time equipment operation diagnostics.
The position of the AVC controls allows the operator to work close to the container handling area but in total safety.

Various accessories are available to complement the extensive basic equipment

Application fields

  • Municipal solid waste

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